Domo Unveils New IoT Cloud Platform

Domo Unveils New IoT Cloud Platform
The Siliconreview
26 March, 2019

Domo, an American computer software company has launched a new IoT cloud platform. The announcement was made public on Monday.

“By leveraging real-time IoT data, organizations have the means to deliver innovation to market in a compressed timeframe,” said Jay Heglar, chief strategy officer, Domo.

Dubbed as Domo IoT Cloud, the new cloud offering will help customers to fully make use of the potential of IoT data. The platform is made up of the industry’s major set of pre-built API connectors exclusively for IoT data.

The platform allows customers to develop business value seamlessly from device data and machine. There are many machines across the world which can deliver data and inform people about their health and actions, but there has not been any easy technique to capture all that information.

Therefore, the company aims to pave the way for the digital divide and seal the gap between people and machines; by providing the data who are unable to report about their device’s activity, but also get what they need.

The company’s IoT Cloud integrates customers and data sources; allowing the customers to mix operational and real-time data from an anywhere in their business. Apart from that it also overlays third-party sources to get precise information about the activities.

While coming to the organizations, the cloud platform will help them to utilize interactive data visualizations, rich data, AI-driven alerts, seamless mobile,and desktop experiences, and robust sharing. In addition, the cloud platform helps to carry out smarter, data-driven decisions on any connected devices by integrating tools seamlessly.