SpaceX is trying hard to investigate why its spacecraft exploded last month

siliconreview SpaceX is trying hard to investigate why its spacecraft exploded last month

Investigators are still not able to find out why SpaceX’s spacecraft exploded last month. They are trying hard to dig out the matter and pin down exactly why a SpaceX vehicle exploded during its testing on April 20th. The explosion demolished the test version of the space agency’s passenger vehicle called Crew Dragon.  The company began the investigation as soon as it happened, and it is still scrapping out every possible reason after looking through all the evidence from the accident.

Safety is extremely crucial for any space agency and the performance of the Crew Dragon is a major concern for NASA as well as SpaceX as NASA commissioned SpaceX to build the vehicle as a part of its Commercial Crew program. The deal was aimed to reduce the space firm’s dependence on the Russian Soyuz rocket, the only passenger vehicle till date.

The test was proceeding as per the plan but then, this unexpected explosion happened which startled the team of scientists at SpaceX. The tests went well, as informed byHans Koenigsmann, SpaceX’s Vice President of Mission Assurance. Just when the SuperDraco thrusters were supposed to fire, something went wrong and the spacecraft was exploded.“We have no reason to believe that there’s an issue with the SuperDracos themselves,”said Koenigsmann.

While the exact reason is still not identifiable but it seems it all occurred when the SuperDraco system was activated. The investigation will take some time and till then, we need to wait to know what exactly happened to SpaceX’s spacecraft.