After the latest Car Fire incident, Tesla to upgrade battery software

After the latest Car Fire incident, Tesla to upgrade battery software
The Siliconreview
16 May, 2019

In a move to fix the problems in its battery software, Tesla Inc will update them. The announcement was made public on Thursday. The move by the American automakers comes at a time when two of its EVs caught fire in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The investigation on the incident is on, Tesla Inc said.

According to Tesla Inc, as it continue to carry out the investigation on the recent incident, as a precaution, the company will revise its charges and thermal management settings on Model X and Model S vehicles via an over-the-air software update from this week. The move will improve the longevity of the batteries and prevent future damage on them.

Tesla’s car caught fire in a shopping complex just after thirty minutes after it was parked, reported Apple daily newspaper of Hong Kong.

The company stated that after investigating the incident, it was found that battery modules of a few vehicles were affected and out of which majority of the batteries were in good condition. Earlier before the Hong Kong incident, the company sent an investigation team to see a video of a Chinese media which showed that a Tesla vehicle –Model S exploded in Shanghai’s commercial hub.

Since the last six years, there have been at least 14 fire catching incidents in Tesla’s vehicles, the majority of them following a crash.