Amazon intends to Loft Internet Satellites into Space: Files Application to FCC

Amazon intends to Loft Internet Satellites into Space: Files Application to FCC
The Siliconreview
09 July, 2019

World’s biggest e-commerce company, Amazon, intends to launch internet satellites into space. The company’s subsidiary, Kuiper Systems has filed paperwork with the American government in order to obtain permission to send thousands of satellites through its project Kuiper.

The move by Amazon aims at establishing broadband internet services across the US. Kuiper Systems aims to loft 3,236 broadband satellites into low-Earth orbit. According to ArsTechnica reports, the mission will target the majority of the country with broadband, except Alaska.

According to the company, upon submission of the request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the filings will be thoroughly reviewed, and the team will be looking forward to working with them throughout the process. If the approval is a positive one, then a non-geostationary satellite orbit system will be a launched using Ka-band frequencies; satellites orbiting 366 to 391 miles above Earth.

The filing stated that the new satellites will provide satellite broadband communications services to millions of people not only in the US but across the world as well. The satellites apart from providing the home and business internet could be used by smartphones to boost coverage in rural households.

In light of the filings, the e-commerce giant hasn’t revealed anything about the service roll out. The FCC will at need least some time to authorize them; most probably it will take a minimum of six years for the satellites to be deployed after approval.