Tank Training Done through Hollywood Technology

Tank Training Done through Hollywood Technology
The Siliconreview
18 July, 2019

Some of the brightest minds in the tech industry have come together to work on tank training. The tank commanders on the battlefield will undergo an evaluation and will be judged on the crucial decisions they will be taking. The service extended its reach thousands of miles west from the Fort Benning's Maneuver Center of Excellence in Georgia. This is where the tank crews are trained to Los Angeles and researchers here at the Institute of Creative Technologies - the University of Southern California has developed a mixed reality program. This was done with a partnership with the Army called the Synthetic Collective Operational Prototyping Environment, or SCOPE.

The major focus will be on training. Focusing on the responses taken by the tank commanders, which can be a student in a simulated or immersive 3D training environment. Experts feel that tank commanders should be vigilant, especially for status updates from unit leadership at mission command. They should also think about the incoming enemy aircraft that might be hovering overhead keeping in mind the other three tank crew members the commander needs to take precise decisions.

ICT researcher David Krum said tank commanders must be vigilant to status updates from unit leadership at mission command and incoming enemy aircraft hovering overhead, making decisions that affect the lives of the other three tank crew members. With the Scope platform will help in solving the current problems in tank maneuvers.