All-electric aircraft by Embraer aims to improve sustainability

All-electric aircraft by Embraer aims to improve sustainability
The Siliconreview
21 August, 2019

Embraer, a Brazil-based aerospace company on its 50th anniversary revealed an all-electric demonstrator aircraft that is expected to fly for the first time by 2020. The aircraft is small and has single-engine that is based on EMB-203 Ipanema, the paint scheme is very distinct and it is all set to receive components and systems. The manufacturer will make use of EMB-203 Ipanema as a testbed to assess electrification technology. Prototype development began in May this year and its components and systems are being tested in laboratories of partner companies before the start of flight test.

According to a scientific and technological agreement for the development of electrification technologies, the controller and electric motor of the aircraft is manufactured by WEG at the headquarters in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The collaboration between Embraer and WEG was announced in May for creating an instrument for maturation and experimentation of the technologies before being applied in future products. The partnership was formed to propel the knowledge of the technologies and to improvise the energy efficiency of the aircraft by making use of electric motors in the propulsion system.

The electrification process is just a part of a series of efforts made by Embraer and the aeronautical industry to the commitment to environmental sustainability. Embraer has also partnered with Parker Aerospace for the project and the company will provide cooling system for the aircraft. The establishment of strategic partnerships will simulate knowledge networks to significantly improve the demonstrator aircraft.