Citrix Systems sustains 2.2 % loss in its Last Earnings Report

Citrix Systems sustains 2.2 % loss in its Last Earnings Report
The Siliconreview
29 August, 2019

It’s time for Citrix Systems to bounce back from a losswhich incurred from its last earnings, outperforming the S&P 500.

Can Citrix break the jink or will it perform the same? Many investors and analyst have shared their opinions on the gloomy situation but now let’s have a glimpse of the company’s most recent earnings report. The American software company’s earnings and estimates lag in the second quarter.

According to this year’s Q2 non- GAAP earnings, Citrix made a profit of $1.21 per share, whereas the cost per share estimated by Zacks Consensus was $1.33. Furthermore, there was a 7 cent slump in the figure reported last year’s quarter.            

Zacks Consensus estimated revenue of worth $772 million but the figures turned out to be $749 million. However, there was a 1 percent improvement than the last year’s quarter.

There was a 27 percent decline in the product and license space, year over year to almost $141million. Support and services, which generates 60 percent of the revenue, grew by 3 percent on a year over year basis to nearly $452 million.

The subscription revenues touched $156 million, climbing by 41 percent than its previous year’s figures. SaaS revenue was up by 59 percent year over year basis touching the $91 million mark during the quarter’s review period. The most important part of subscription transition is SaaS revenues.

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