CloudCenter Suite by Cisco goes global

CloudCenter Suite by Cisco goes global
The Siliconreview
29 August, 2019

A multi-cloud management tool called CloudCenter Suite by Cisco is now available globally as a SaaS platform. The platform was originally launched by cisco as on-premise, self-managed software. In January, two new skills were added to the platform by the vendor which was Action Orchestrator and Cost Optimizer. The company also teased a SaaS rollout which was pending. The new CloudCenter suite makes it user-friendly because it requires zero maintenance and installation. One of the primary benefits of the SaaS offering is to boost agility for teams that have urgent projects.

Cost optimizer will serve as a cost reporting tool that will provide the company with visualness in their private and public cloud usage for right-sizing the cloud workload. A set of standardized interface and adaptors are provided to the customers’ Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes environments, and Google Cloud Platform in the Action Orchestrator. The cost optimizer gives proper visibility and economical because the company will receive monthly reports of growth trends and cloud usage. It also has a chargeback billing system that is internal; this will give the company information about cloud costs. Since January the company added CloudCenter support to VMware’s vCloud Director and IBM Cloud.

Cisco is planning to move forward with the platform and there are various plans to make the software available as an SDK, this will allow the customers to build their own adaptors. Also, there are plans to focus on improving the cost optimizer this includes a more detailed cost-saving recommendation and budgeting.