Facebook announces new Portal Video Chat, TV Streaming Service

Facebook announces new Portal Video Chat, TV Streaming Service
The Siliconreview
19 September, 2019

Facebook Inc has made an announcement that it has created new models of its Portal video chatting, Reuters reported. The announcement was made on Wednesday.

This is the first time when the company has stepped into TV streaming hardware. But, the subscription services are limited to users.

In regard to the new portal, the company will stick to video calling, including the capability for WhatsApp calls along with improvements to a wide-angle camera that keeps users in focus as they move about a room.

The shipping of the new portal will begin from October 15 and will be available in two versions priced at $129 and $179 respectively. The cost of the portal TV is $149 and will be available from November.

In comparison with Apple TV, Netflix, and Roku; Portal TV will offer few music apps and limited options for TV programming, therefore, the competitions are very stiff.

According to the company, the new TV services would be loaded with Amazon Prime Video app by the time it is available.

The company is also tapping into countries such as Australia, France, and the UK for portal sales while reducing prices to more closely compete with other players such as Google and Amazon which sells smart speakers under $100.

Facebook earns less than two percent from non-advertising sources.