Honeywell Rolls Out new Software Platform

Honeywell Rolls Out new Software Platform
The Siliconreview
26 September, 2019

Honeywell has unveiled new cybersecurity softwarefor safeguarding asset-intensive businesses and critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

The new software is known as Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform. It resolves problems for IIOT and operational technology (OT) to prevent cyber-attacks among customer sites and helping it to cut the rising security costs across the enterprise.

The platform comes under a new category of software solutions called Honeywell Forge. Honeywell Forge made its debut earlier this year. Its primary goal is to improve the techniques used by companies for data analysis from their operations.

Honeywell Forge provides Enterprise Management for Operations Technology to industries, aerospace, building, and workers’ segments.

The new platform helps cybersecurity to enhance its performance across sites and enterprises. The whole process is carried out by mitigating risks, increasing the visibility of vulnerabilities and risks, and enhancing cybersecurity management efficiency.

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity platform performs tasks such as data transfer among sites and strengthens endpoint and network security by using operational data. It also boosts cybersecurity compliance.

Currently, there are three versions for the new platform; paving the way for the customers to scale when needed to match cyber-requirements and budget with Enterprise Core, Enterprise Premium and Site offerings.

The new platform is very good for businesses and individuals who wish to safeguard their cybersecurity in the best possible manner.