Elgato Makes an Extendable Rigging System for Streamers and Creators

Elgato Makes an Extendable Rigging System for Streamers and Creators
The Siliconreview
27 September, 2019

Elgato, one of the trusted companies in the field of consumer technology products, has announced a lightning rig which can be attached to a desk such that Twitch streamers, YouTube creators, and other online content creators can now easily light up their home setups without requiring any wired connections or extendable.

Elgato has announced a multi mount rigging system that can be used in various electronic gadgets and purposes such as lighting, mic, and cameras. This device can be extended upto 45 inches; it consists of clamps and has a center ball head which includes a one-fourth inch screw, which helps to mount the device to a desk.The system also has a multi-mount system, smartphone clamp, and mic stand for podcasting. Other features also include flex arm, which can be bent in three different spots.

The price of the multi mounts starts from $39.99 for a basic version and goes upto $144.96 for no-frills and high-end version. Elgato is also trying to take this idea a step further and is introducing several other wireless technologies which will help the DSLR or GoPro into a 4K webcam.

The company has recently stated that this new device supports Discord, OBS Studio, and Skype, as well as cameras from Canon, GoPro, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic.

This new move by the firm is setting a trend in the field of lighting and wireless technology.