E-boat Maker SeaBubbles successfully Test a New Boat

E-boat Maker SeaBubbles successfully Test a New Boat
The Siliconreview
17 September, 2019

SeaBubbles, a France-based startup, that manufactures electric boats, has tested a new energy-efficient boat on the Seine River in Paris on Monday, Reuters reported. The move comes at a time when the backers of the company are looking to get a permit to start a taxi service on the river.

The new boat, named as Craft, runs on electric motors. It is much more energy-efficient than conventional boats as it is equipped with hydrofoil wings that cut the drag on the hull in the water.

According to the co-founder of SeaBubbles, the boat doesn’t produce any noise. It can accommodate five people in total including the pilot.

In regard to the test completion, he was quoted as saying by Reuters as “It’s the future”.

The testing for the boat will be carried out until the 20th of this month. After that, the backers of the project would be hoping tostarta new taxi service from Eastern to Western side of Paris.

The concept of Hydrofoils was introduced long back but due to its instability, commercial application is limited.

SeaBubbles was incorporated in 2016 by Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal. The hydrofoils on its boats are adjusted by computer processors; giving passengers a smooth ride without any bumps. Earlier, the startup designed a five-person SeaBubbles water taxi in 2016.

It raised a capital worth €500,000 to fund the next stage in 2006, after testing a ⅛ scale prototype.