5 Golden Breakfast Rules to Reduce Belly Fat Faster

5 Golden Breakfast Rules to Reduce Belly Fat Faster
The Siliconreview
04 October, 2019

Do you ever know why we say “Breakfast” to our first-morning meal?

It's said so because it breaks the prolonged fast after taking good hours of sleep at night.

Mornings are considered to be the best time to capitalize on weight loss as it is the best day time when we can enhance our metabolism and manage to maintain it high throughout the whole day. As our energy levels are the highest in the morning, so why not enhance them further, while embedding a value-adding diet to our routine and achieving the best weight loss results as expected.

Yes, nowadays, there is an inclination seen towards joining the gyms and other training centers, where exercising on different gym equipment helps reduce weight and make your body lean.

Nevertheless; if you have the same intention, it can be achieved by either exerting at home by getting a treadmill on rent, a cross-trainer on rent or any other exercising instrument or also by following the underneath golden breakfast rules to nimbly reduce the belly fat.

So, get ready to take the paper tour at the breakfast’s dietary plan.

# Meal Timings/Frequency have a Roleplay

There are many evident assertions when we talk about the elephant in the room, “Breakfast and Day Meals Timings”. The number of times you intake food and the particular when you do it matters a lot.


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It is believed that the duration gap between your first meal of the day (i.e., Breakfast) and the second one (your lunch) should be of 5-6 hours and the overnight fast should possess a difference of 18 to 19 hours.

Some studies also reveal that lowering the frequency of taking meals also helps achieve the weight loss motive, which is in contradiction to what I believe and observed in real. In my opinion, it’s always better to add some healthy fruits and snacks to your diet plan, which must be taken at different intervals and at specific times.

This helps control appetite as well as gives a human body some healthy food intake instead of starving and then eating something unhealthy when hunger isn’t controlled.

Commit to Memory:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Don’t ever miss the morning meal, which can actually help you reduce fat.”

However, many studies came to the conclusion that regular breakfast consumption seemed to promote healthy eating, help boost satiety, reduce daily calorie intake, and stick to your weight loss goals.

# Heavy Water Consumption is a Must

“A gallon of water a day, keeps the unwanted fat away!”

Drinking loads of water is something suggested not only by gym trainers but also by doctors, family members, friends for staying away from almost all the minor and day to day problems. Indeed, I would suggest you, do the same when you intend to lose some body-inches and want to see your body in perfect shape.

Undoubtedly, drinking water frequently helps to avoid much of eating and also prevents your body to take additional calories in the form of calorie-rich beverages. It’s recommended to make your water bottle empty at a faster pace to be refilled as many times as possible which makes you feel fuller and accelerates your urine excretion cycles, thereby, disposing of the unwanted elements from the body.

If consuming plain water feels monotonous, dunk in some fruit slices or herbs to change the water taste and unknowingly adds some healthy nutrients to your drinking water.

A Fact to Follow

“Drinking ice-cold water early morning and making it the first thing to do once you woke up, helps to boost your metabolism by 24% for approx. 90 minutes.”

# Fibers and Proteins Can’t be Missed

We said that never miss your breakfast, but did we mention what all your breakfast meal must include?

It must be a bowl full of fibers, a plate full of proteins, and a glass filled with a sugar-free drink!

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It's true that the secret to weight loss is eating healthy, eating proteins, and eating fibers. Protein intake increases the levels of appetite-reducing hormones like GLP-1, PYY, and CCK and diminishes the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which put a significant impact on your diet and helps control your food cravings.

To aid weight loss, prefer to eat those food items that promote satiety and help build lean muscles and fortunately, fibers come up with the same motive. Eating fibers help maintain and control hunger management which ultimately halts the consumption of unwanted junk food.

To crop the belly fat, opt for high-protein and fiber choices:

  • Eggs,
  • Whole grains,
  • Nuts,
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Greek yogurt
  • Oatmeals,

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Point to Remember

“Eat at least 8 grams of fiber each morning to lose belly fat easily, which will additionally, fill you up with more energy than a sugary option.”

# Portion Size To Be In Control

We have read and heard everywhere that burn calories to witness inch-loss and weight-loss, but do you think its a complete sentence?


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No, it's not. Yes, we have to burn calories, and we must exert, but keeping in mind their balance number. Whatever you eat must be balanced, whether its carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fibers, calories or even fats.

Remember, we don’t have to have a deficiency in our body by choosing healthy elements and neglecting the rests. This is not the workable solution; we need to maintain an equilibrium of the food ingredient’s levels.

“Nutritionists recommend consuming approximately 350 calories for breakfast every day!”

So, eat healthy food but in portions and that too timely. Keep good control over the size of your meals; they must not be more and should not even less; instead, be accurate and adequate.

# Go For Sugar Alternatives

Your best meal of the day must be far away from taking sugar or any of its components. Avoid foods possessing high levels of sugar as sugar stores fat cells, and this is the unnecessary fats that are merely not required by the body when on weight loss diet.


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I have a solution to put a control over your cravings for sweets and sugar. Prepare a full bowl of cereals or Kellogs, add fresh fruits to it with a topping of a tinge of sugar-free sweets or food. It will fulfill both your motives.

One can go for options like jaggery, maple syrup or coconut sugar in your preparations which are natural sugar alternatives and won’t divert your way to being healthy, fit and fine, acquiring the desired body shape.

Keep your eyes of artificial sweeteners too!


I hope these golden rules to reduce fat, (belly fat as well as the full-body fat) will come to the best of their use when put-to-practice with a strong aim of weight loss. The sayings, recommendations, suggestions, all are true and have been experimented before mentioning them here.

We would love to see your comments and feedback on the breakfast rules if they have had a positive and effective impact on your health, and you actually lost weight and inches after following the same.

We would also welcome suggestions that would help the readers to get more insights over the principles of losing belly fat and miscellaneous fat.

Happy Healthy Dieting!