How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving In Cars

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving In Cars
The Siliconreview
03 October, 2019

Artificial intelligence has become such a major part of technology in recent years helping multiple industries to flourish, but how has it helped the automotive industry? Whether you are looking for an affordable Nissan approved used car for sale or you are looking to purchase a car straight from the factory, Ai has been used to make the car as safe as possible throughout every stage of its life cycle.

Improving Safety Features

Ai has continued to aid our lives in a number of different sectors, but in the automotive industry, it has predominantly been used to improve safety features. Whether this is through the use of road sign recognition software or monitoring of the road conditions, Ai can monitor the way that the car is performing and begin to correct it through the use of in-car mechanics. This is particularly useful in the winter months as weather conditions can be difficult to navigate.

Individualised Marketing

In addition to Ai helping to make driving easier, it can also be used to market products or services to car owners. Though the use of Ai sales companies can look at customer journeys and target them with up sales depending on the needs and wants that they require from their vehicle. This is improving the automotive industry as a wholeas the customer acquisition rate is significantly higher, with much more of a success rate. This is particularly when it comes to sales figures for newer models as many existing customers may be looking for an upgrade. With this in mind, you can sign up for these emails with a newsletter or on the application form when applying for car finance. 

Improved Manufacturing

In addition to what happens to the cars off of the manufacturing line, Ai has also helped with the manufacturing process. Though the use of deep learning algorithm, the manufacturing process of a number of vehicles is fully automated, allowing for faster manufacturing times as well as mass production of a number of popular models. This use of Ai reduces the risk of human error, helping to ensure that every car is made correctly. Though there are still workers needed to input plans and maintain the machinery, this helps to increase the speed of the production line with the best outcome every time.

Driver Assist In The Vehicle

The final way that Ai is helping to improve cars is through the use of drive assist. With advanced driver assistance systems, intelligent Ai works to fill in the gaps you may have missed when driving on the open road. Whether this is lane departure warnings, object monitoring, and parking sensors all help to make driving safer, regardless of the car you choose. As this technology continues to be developed, there are unlocked capabilities that make driving much safer for experienced drivers and new drivers also.

With this in mind, there are various ways that Ai has helped to improve the automotive industry and improve safety features in a number of different models from multiple manufacturers making driving more enjoyable for everyone involved.