SAP wants to make a shift to assist its client in more tangible ways

SAP wants to make a shift to assist its client in more tangible ways
The Siliconreview
18 October, 2019

SAP made a subtle change to its tagline recently, but its potential is massive because the company is making a shift to business technology platform from its typical branding as the enterprise digital platform. Former Sybase CTO, Irfan Kahn, stated that “The change is more about terminology instead of the path”. The company wants to make a shift from indefinite promises of digital transformation to a more tangible emphasis that will assist the clients in getting there. The platform portfolio in the cloud will be now rationalized to make the benefits of the transformation more tangible and doable.

The HANA was revamped to make the new managed cloud database cloud-native; this will separate the storage from compute and also embrace Kubernetes. The new combination will enable the resizing of cloud services, quick start, and stop. SAP HANA is the latest database to make use of cloud-native architecture. In a few cases, this will deliver a new method to ACID transaction processing, and for the remaining others this will enable distributed database management.  Until recent times, flexibility was only associated with internet applications, but by creating a separation in storage from compute, clients can now only pay for the compute that they make use.