Telefonica and Cisco’s long term partnership aims to improve customer experience

Telefonica and Cisco’s long term partnership aims to improve customer experience
The Siliconreview
25 October, 2019

Telefonica, a prominent telecommunication company, based in Madrid, Spain, started to work with Cisco to simplify its functions in Spain for the 5G era. Telefonica will have improved network health and operational insights by using Cisco’s Crosswork Network Automation suite. The suite is a newly automated network, and it is aimed at providing an intent-based and closed-loop solution for Telefonica’s Machine-Learning activities to reduce labor hours and repairs cost. Cisco’s Crosswork Network Automation suite will provide Real-time network optimization for delivering a better experience to the customer, and also it will provide end-to-end infrastructure visibility. With enhanced security, Telefonica can now proactively respond to incidents and also prevent it.

The new suite is built from the already existing family of Cisco networking products, and it includes Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). The new project is three-year planned, and the company is set to pioneer in multipurpose automation of IP network. The new deployment and architectural design of the new automation software are focused on providing a hassle-free customer experience. The new collaboration is considered very meaningful by Telefonica to excel in future projects, and the company chose Cisco for its outcome-driven approach and long term benefits. This project will provide refined analytics and network intelligence for better decision making.