Amazon Web Services – does your business need it?

Amazon Web Services – does your business need it?
The Siliconreview
14 November, 2019

Amazon seems to be involved in all aspects of technology. Since 2004, they started providing IT infrastructure services, such as cloud computing, networking and content delivery, developer and management tools, as well as for analytics services and AI-related solutions.

Amazon Web Services seems to be the highlight of cloud computing, with research showing that Amazon’s cloud is 10 times larger than its next dozen competitors together.

With this being said, what exactly is AWS and what benefits could it bring incorporating it into your business?

Amazon Web Services – Explained

AWS features a tremendous number of services, ranging from management tools to chatbot building, to ensure they bring businesses a complete package:

  • Computing: Amazon provides a large number of computing tools, that allow businesses to run Docker or Kubernetes containers in the cloud, as well as run batch computing workloads and deployment of resources.
  • Storage solutions: from archival services to data backup and file storage, they provide no little than four services that help businesses manage sensitive data and ensure security.
  • Developer tools: from developing, building and deploying applications, to testing an analyzing app distribution behavior, services such as CodeBuild, CodePeipeline, and X-Ray are a must for any developer.
  • Management tools: if your business only needs management tools, Amazon comes with 10 distinct types of services that deal with audits, cost optimization, and AWS management.
  • Artificial Intelligence: chatbot builders, text-to-speech services, as well as face recognition services, AWS has been involved in almost everything AI-related.
  • Internet of Things: data analysis, IoT-device management, as well as secure device interaction with the cloud are just a few Internet of Things-related services.

Why do businesses need it?

Considering the fact that AWS offers almost any type of internet-related service that a business may need, many companies are turning to it, in detriment of its competitors. But with so many options available, it can be quite hard to determine which ones are the bestsuited for you. This is why AWS consulting services are gaining more and more popularity, as they make sure businesses understand exactly what the benefits of using AWS are:

Security: all businesses need to make sure sensitive data is properly stored and protected. AWS data centers ensure this, by providing end-to-end encryption of data, meaning no one else but the people you allow will have access to files.

  • Cost-effectiveness: AWS provides pay-as-you-go solutions, meaning you will only pay for the amount of storage or the services that you use. No additional feature is included, other than what you decide. This means that you can allocate as many or as few resources as you want, to ensure the best ROI.
  • Flexibility: with so many services available, you get to choose the exact programming or development model that you need, as well as include any form of programing language or architecture that your developers are accustomed to.
  • Scalability: in this case, scalability means you can add or remove resources as you need them. Moreover, Amazon has what is called auto-scaling, meaning that, in the event of an increase in demand, cloud-based resources will scale up or down automatically.