Microsoft attempts to sell Edge's new tab page connection to Office 365

Microsoft attempts to sell Edge's new tab page connection to Office 365
The Siliconreview
30 November, 2019

Microsoft is not quite ready for prime-time browser, as the Edge built Google’s technologies is all set to feature an enterprise-centric new tab page which can be used by IT administrators to customize the data regarding work and their employees. Microsoft is making an effort to bring a change to its Microsoft Office 365 content.

"When signed in with an Azure Active Directory (AAD) work account, opening a new tab in Microsoft Edge delivers a dynamic and personalized set of your most relevant Office documents, internal web sites, company resources, and other Microsoft 365 content," Chad Rothschiller, senior program manager, and Matt Betz, product marketing manager, said.

The most noticeable feature of it is the page duties. Recommended culls from spreadsheets like signals derived from the user’s interactions with the proper production of the applications and others. The Doc Files which are surfaced to Recommended can be stored in OneDrive for business or SharePoint easily.

It is also said that Office 365 content is listed and access to SharePoint’s is been given. Edge's first Stable build production-ready is set to be launched on January 15th, 2020.Until then, commercial users and IT administrators can kick the tires of the Beta, which can be downloaded from here for Windows and macOS.