'Dead Cells' update lets you play old versions of the game

'Dead Cells' update lets you play old versions of the game
The Siliconreview
26 Decemebr, 2019

If you're the sort of person who thought Dead Cells was better as a beta, then you can now get access to games that are of the title through Steam. The Legacy Update will let you roll back the title to any of the key variations, from its Early Access build through to the current edition.In order to play the older versions, you'll need to right-click the game on Steam, access Properties, and select the Betas. Inside this section will be the numerous editions of the title, waiting for you to download and enjoy over the holiday season.

"As we moved toward regular updates"we were bugged by the fact that we were drastically changing the experience that a lot of people had come to love." wrote Steve Filby. After all, those who fell in love with Dead Cells as a beta played a drastically different game to the one that currently exists.

Video game preservation is difficult because the medium and the technology that underpins it is so ephemeral. The fact that most AAA games require hefty downloads on launch day to make them work, too, means that it's hard to create versions that'll stick around forever. That's why moves like this are welcome, and we'd like to see plenty more studios do this in the future.