Dell launches a wild Switch-like portable gaming PC called 'Concept UFO'

Dell launches a wild Switch-like portable gaming PC called 'Concept UFO'
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2020

We live in an era of personal computing, where the machines can twist into tablets, which can be packed into multiple screens, and weighs just a few pounds. At the CES meet, there are products that are being launched which are different. Dell has unleashed a Concept UFO, a portable PC that has removable gamepads, a large 8-inch LED screen and a la the switch which can also be docked into a TV.

The all-new Concept UFO looks like a cross between a generic PC gamepad that is potentially functional and a Nintendo Switch. The controllers are positioned in such a manner that it attaches to the core screen magnetically, which makes the connection more secure. It also has an accessory that connects the gamepad for docked play.

The PC is powered by Windows 10 and has a Dell built a custom app for simpler gaming navigation. But it still has a traditional Windows interface to restart the app. Dell has not yet announced the release date of this product as it still requires certain modifications. Dell wants to make the release a memorable one as it will be the first step towards something truly interesting. Dell is trying to make the final version lighter and more ergonomic, while still keeping its price within the reach of console gamers.