Mediatek Diversifying Its Rich IoT Platforms To Drive Innovation

Mediatek Diversifying Its Rich IoT Platforms To Drive Innovation
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2020

MediaTek confirmed its integration with multiple technology and service providers to diversify its Rich IoT program to drive innovation across the market for smart devices. MediaTek and its affiliates will work together to open the fast-moving IoT app marketplace to differentiated, highly integrated and feature-rich platforms for growth.MediaTek's rich IoT software comprises three AIoT chipset platforms such as voice supporti300B (MT8362B), display i300A (MT8362A) and AI vision devices i500 (MT8385). The advanced IoT platform shortens the development process and mitigates the design risk for corporations, start-ups, new brands, and leading manufacturers of original equipment.MediaTek's professionals worked with partners to dock and optimize value-added offers on MediaTek's AIoT platforms, enabling companies to quickly and cost-effectively integrate exciting AI features and capabilities into chipsets to deliver cutting-edge connected products and services to customers.

The i300B, i300A, and i500 of MediaTek provide robust voice, display, image recognition, and other applications that are needed today for every smart device. MediaTek's AIoT chipsets are intended to provide amazing new user experiences for companies of all sizes with edge-AI capabilities to develop a wide range of IoT devices.