New survey reveals that enterprises prefer video conferencing to stay connected

New survey reveals that enterprises prefer video conferencing to stay connected
The Siliconreview
09 January, 2020

New workplace trends have paved the way for the rise of Video conferencing. A recent survey by Forbes research and Zoom show that there is a need for effective communication in the enterprise and video conferencing has become a go-to tool. The workplace has evolved significantly and there is a change in the nature of work, how it is done, and the performance. Participants in the survey revealed that there is a distribution in the network of managers, workers, stakeholders, customers, partners, and suppliers geographically. 71 percent of the respondents agreed that the video conferencing trend applies well to their business. When the organization tends to lean towards strategic work then there is a rise in the number of team members’ collaboration from different parts of the functional borders. This significantly increases the expansion of locations and there is a challenge in communications.

Due to the challenges in communication, business leaders realized the value of a video communication platform. The present solution for communication is audio conferencing but, almost 79 percent of the survey respondents stated that video conferencing is more effective. Video conferencing delivers the effects of face to face communication and 71 percent of the respondents find this beneficial. The quality of communication is better in video conferencing and the nature of a meeting has become more fun and engaging.