Granular teams up with Bushel to organize data

Granular teams up with Bushel to organize data
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2020

Software Company, Bushel recently announced a partnership with Granular, a digital agronomics platform to minimize data entry by streamlining the farmer’s digital information.  Bushel connects grain elevators with their growers and provides the local and future grain prices and other valuable information to growers through their phones. Granular, on the other hand, provides agriculturalists with the industry insights via farm management software. Currently, the two technologies don’t mingle well with each other, meaning, information from Bushel app into the Granular app can only be done manually.

Camille Grade, Vice president of Marketing at Bushel, pointed out towards the beginning of partnership due to an industry-based problem. Expecting farmers to manually key in the data from one app to another after the end of a hard-day’s labor isn’t a good idea after all. VP of Grain Marketing for Granular, Matt Walsh had said that with so much technology out there for growers, they get easily frustrated of it. Hence, the collaboration’s objective is to streamline the flow of data in a more automated way, removing the burden for growers.

Initially, only the automatic transfer of scale-ticket information from a producer’s Bushel app to the Granular app will be done. Growers also have the option of denying the sharing of information.