Restructure plan of Healthcare NZ changes after protests

Restructure plan of Healthcare NZ changes after protests
The Siliconreview
11 March, 2020

Members of the Public Service Association have shown strong opposition against Healthcare NZ’s proposal to move services by organizing nationwide protests. Healthcare NZ had previously decided to move administration services to Dunedin and Auckland. The move was aimed at reducing duplication across the business and was considered after discussions with the staff of the company.

The company has initially proposed to establish a national call center in Auckland and cut down up to 200 jobs. Vanessa Dudley, Healthcare NZ Chief Executive pointed at the concerns of the board towards the current funding circumstances. A very limited increase in contractual funding from funding agencies and the tight contracts are some of the vital issues for the company. A new structure has been set up that will offer better efficiency and flexibility to ensure the sustainability of the business. The company hasn’t disclosed the accurate number of layoffs and costs. National service centers in Auckland and Dunedin will now be managing the company’s administration work. Kerry Davies, PSA National Secretary, has pointed out that important relationships of staff members would be harmed due to the restructuring and hopes that the staff would be offered any new roles.  Forcing people to reapply at their current workplace would add insult to injury.