OSAS launches Traverse Global Service for field service firms

OSAS launches Traverse Global Service for field service firms
The Siliconreview
14 April, 2020

An ERP system acts like the brain of your company’s technology system. Implementation of a better ERP suit can leverage the integrated applications and streamline the processes. In the light of foregoing, the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution company OSAS is coming out with a new program, Traverse Global Service, which will allow companies working in food service, industrial equipment and other field work industries to improve their operational efficiencies.

The new service will provide new ways for companies to work with field service, commercial installation and equipment maintenance, which could cut down on time for scheduling and dispatching, inventory and quoting. It will allow for a better integration with business functions for sales, distribution, accounting and reporting for financial stats, the release stated.

Traverse Global Service will also automate parts of the process and use conversions to make everything easier for users, the release stated. Work order management and preventative maintenance will be included in the program’s arsenal.

HVAC, electric contractors and garage door installers, along with any business that uses workers out in the field, will benefit from the new program, OSAS said.

The program will also include real-time data that determines what is needed during quoting in order to complete orders quicker. Easy access to customer information and history will expedite the process.

Traverse Global Service was intended to fill what he called a gap in the market for programs to help with full-service ERP work that could do everything all at once, OSAS CEO Dr. Michael Bertini said.