Post virus outbreak, IoT professionals to focus more on smart healthcare

Post virus outbreak, IoT professionals to focus more on smart healthcare
The Siliconreview
02 April, 2020

Technology has become the need of the hour, and it looks like healthcare sector is getting the most out of it. It looks like healthcare technologies will be a greater priority among IoT service providers once the disruptions caused by the deadly virus die down, a Forrester research says. Based on its latest figures, only 7% of the work that major IoT service providers deliver in APAC is on Smart Healthcare.

Adding to the research, “The crisis has triggered a lot of ideas and solutions, however there was simply no time to look at a more strategic approach for both the technologies and the processes. This will be the focus of governments, health care providers, and others, once the acute crisis is behind us,” said Achim Granzen, principal analyst at Forrester, told FutureIoT.

“I expect this number to increase past  Covid-19, as governments, healthcare providers, and others will seek to harden many of the ad-hoc systems and measures they have put into place during the crisis,” he added.

Granzen noted in the past few weeks the speed of reaction, for example the drive-by testing facilities in South Korea. Speeding up the time to reliable data is another aspect – this is crucial for identifying infection clusters and tracing, with Singapore having done a great job in this area.

During the virus outbreak, it’s been observed that there is a dramatic increase in the use of digital and remote technologies.