Towson offers tools for free to help teachers with online learning

Towson offers tools for free to help teachers with online learning
The Siliconreview
15 April, 2020

A virus outbreak or a natural disaster, one thing which we can never lockdown is learning, thanks to technology that we can learn anything and everything online with just one click away. As a helping hand for students and teachers, a Towson-based education technology firm is offering teachers two months of free access to its online vocabulary learning tools, as many prepare to offer remote education for the remainder of the school year.

InferCabulary has seen a huge spike in demand of its services since announcing the offer. Over the last three weeks, the company has seen 27,000 new users join its platform. That includes 200 new schools that have signed on to give all its teachers access. Comparatively, the platform gained a total of 15,000 new users throughout all of 2019.

Co-founder Beth Lawrence said her company was added to online lists of free available edtech services that were circulating among some teachers' groups on social media platforms. Teachers en masse are in search of new online tools right now, she said, as they transition to virtual classrooms. With the added visibility, and the quick decision to offer its services for free, the new users came flooding in for InferCabulary.

"Teachers are having to figure out a lot just to be able to continue teaching," Lawrence said. "We wanted to let people know we’re here for them, and we have an amazing tool that can be helpful during this situation."