FINTERRA PTE LTD (“Finterra”) signed a collaboration Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (“ICD”)

FINTERRA PTE LTD (“Finterra”) signed a collaboration Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (“ICD”)
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27 May, 2020

Mr. Ayman Sejiny, the CEO of The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (“ICD”) ( the private sector arm of the Islamic Development Bank Group, and Mr. Satesh Khemlani, the Managing Director of Finterra PTE Ltd., signed a Memorandum of  Understanding to leverage on each other’s strengths to achieve sustainable business growth including crowdfunding sustainable development.

The MoU came as a result of an ongoing discussion about strategic collaboration, between ICD and Finterra in areas where both organizations have common beneficiaries and share similar social impact development goals.

During the current Covid-19 global pandemic it is clear that digital channels and online working are increasingly important to financial services and financial inclusion.  ICD collaboration with Finterra is based on the its highly powered blockchain solutions for Islamic social finance under the names of SadaqahChain®, WAQFChain® and ZakatChain®. The MoU was digitally signed during a virtual signing ceremony that was held between the parties’ Managments simultaneously in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Singapore, respectively.

Mr. Ayman Sejiny, the CEO of ICD commented: “ICD is focusing on 5 strategic pillars: a) Focus our core  business on financial institutions; b) Implement new innovative products and channels; c) Grow the business in a financially sustainable way; d) Serve member countries based on their development needs; and e) Deepen our collaboration within IsDB Group and other IFIs and partners. Accordingly, the collaboration with Finterra, being technologically sound and operationally innovative, would allow ICD to reach out to communities and beneficiaries in emerging markets that others fail to reach.  With the help of advanced technology and constant innovation, we aim at breaking barriers and enabling financial services to become more accessible to each Muslim that needs our help or support.”

The virtual MoU signing was also witnessed by Finterra’s Founder, Hamid Rashid and Finterra’s Saudi Arabia Country representative, Mr Mamoun Khanfar. According to Hamid Rashid, “this cooperation is indeed very timey as it will cultivate a culture of trust within the Islamic Social Finance stakeholders. Hamid also stressed that “this partnership will create new opportunities of investing into global waqf projects, while showcasing waqf investment opportunities to a much wider range of retail investors. He further added that “Finterra looks forward to working closely with ICD in sharing our expertise and know-how with regards to technologies such as blockchain to efficiently mobilize funds in the realm of Islamic digital economy (Fintech) in both Saudi Arabia and ICD’s member countries. He also said that “this is a big step in the development of Islamic Social Finance and giant step in making Islamic Fintech solutions more mainstream.

ICD and Finterra, have entered into this collaboration to promote greater financial inclusion for economic development, to bridge the income inequality gaps and to efficiently mobilize funds in the realm of Islamic digital economy (Fintech) in ICD’s member countries.  Essentially, the parties will explore opportunities where they can jointly deploy the SadaqahChain®, WAQFChain® and ZakatChain® blockchain systems in OIC member countries in close collaboration with national licensed crowd-lending/crowd-funding operators.  Communications are soon being broadcast to a range of private sector operators active in the Crowdfunding space, who are encouraged to urgently get in touch with ICD to explore the benefits of joining this collaboration.

Moreover, the collaboration will act towards full utilization of Finterra’s capabilities with regards to emerging FinTech application such as digital wallet for accessing blockchain economies, digital commerce, online money services as well as training and certification programs. In addition, the scope of the MoU allows the parties to exchange valuable knowledge and best practices in the space of Islamic social finance, Fintech and blockchain.


Finterra is a leading technology-based company providing blockchain-based Islamic applications that address global issues. Established in 2017, Finterra presently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, and UAE with plans to further expand into Africa and the Middle East. Globally, Finterra promotes community growth and advocates for the mass adoption of the ground-breaking blockchain technology, serving as a “Social Solution for Blockchain”.

As a leading player in the Islamic FinTech space, Finterra’s flagship product the Islamic Social Finance Suite (ISF Suite), has been developed to revitalize the Islamic Social Economic system for the digital age, using blockchain technology. With relevant regulatory compliance built into its products and services, the ISF Suite solves core challenges, not only in the management of Sadaqah, Zakat but also in Waqf. With the aim of unlocking the true value of endowed assets, the platform integrates options for Campaign management, Capital raise, Waqf management, Asset management and impact Reporting for the benefit of both, the stake holders, donors, and the Society at large.

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About the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD):

Established in 1999, ICD is a multilateral development organization and a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group. The mandate of ICD is to support economic development and promote the development of the private sector in its 55-member countries through providing financing facilities (i.e PPP financing) and/or investments (i,e Private Equities investments) in viable projects sponsored by eligible enterprises in accordance with the principles of Shari’ah.

ICD also provides technical assistance and advisory services to member countries and their public and private enterprises with a view to improving the environment for private investment, facilitating the identification and promotion of investment opportunities, privatization of public enterprises and the development of the Islamic capital markets. ICD applies Fintech to make finance more efficient and inclusive. Financial services institutions in the member countries will benefit the most from fintech innovations using AI, robotics, blockchain, data analytics and cloud service. ICD set up a platform which was built and centered on ICD relationship with 119 Financial Institutions. Through them, the IsDB Group in general and ICD would leverage access to the country and avail financing opportunities. The platform allows like-minded financial entities to collaborate on business opportunities, exchanging market intelligence and laying a foundation for actual financial transactions within the OIC member countries and across borders. For more information about ICD, visit