Microsoft will shut down its streaming platform Mixer on July 22

Microsoft will shut down its streaming platform Mixer on July 22
The Siliconreview
23 June, 2020

Microsoft is shutting down its live streaming service Mixer from next month. The company is partnering with Facebook to push its users to the gaming service offered by Facebook. The app will completely seize its service on July 22. This move came to light after Microsoft canceled all its upcoming plans for Mixer, and it also purchased streaming rights from some of the popular streamers like Shroud and Ninja. Microsoft chose not to spend on this service and compete with its rivals like Alphabet’s YouTube Gaming and Twitch from Amazon. In 2017 Microsoft had launched Mixer shortly after it acquired a gaming startup called Beam Interactive in 2016. The company stated that after the service shutdown, it would work on its partnership with Facebook Gaming and also move its user base to that platform.

YouTube and Twitch have a duopoly in games streaming services, so evidently, Facebook and Microsoft were trailing far behind. The partnership will not only focus on streaming; instead, Microsoft is expected to integrate its xCloud gaming services into Facebook’s gaming service so that the users can easily access their play titles when they are using the service. In this partnership, Facebook Gaming seems like the clear winner for teaming up with Microsoft.