Advanced Online Editing and Cloud-Based Video Hosting Service by

Advanced Online Editing and Cloud-Based Video Hosting Service by
The Siliconreview
09 July, 2020

Based on the integration of advanced online editing and cloud-based video hosting service, the new technology allows for improvements to the videos that have already been published on websites. In 2020 makes a big transformation and turns from an online video editor into a robust video marketing platform that includes digital production instruments, multi-channel repurposing, video storage, content management, online collaboration, and web analytics.

The modern technology makes a revolutionary solution that not only allows new video material to be created but also keeps the video archive of the companies’ up-to - date and saves marketing budgets. It marks a new stage as videos become a more complex piece of content in video marketing. The platform helps advertisers to edit videos online easily and make adjustments automatically to any video that is hosted on servers. The new version of the video appears simultaneously on every website where the previous version was previously embedded.

A broad variety of companies will benefit from the latest technologies, including e-commerce sites and many more. This will also help digital marketing companies or independent video producers set up new contact systems for customers that continue to rely on post-fact edits.