Treasure8 technology turns potential waste into food for humans and pets

Treasure8 technology turns potential waste into food for humans and pets
The Siliconreview
24 September, 2020

Humans waste approximately around 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year. Agriculture contributes almost a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and over a quarter of humans suffer from food insecurity.Treasure8's patented SAUNA dehydration technology turns potential waste into nutritious, healthy food for humans and pets. SAUNA doesn't just fight food waste: it's a revolution against modern food lacking nutrients, abundant in empty calories, and promoting what the company calls "diobesity."

Treasure8's GroundRules potato and vegetable chips use various waste and virgin food streams, while its pet food uses the so-called "pomace" leftover from the vegetable juicing process. More recently, the firm did a run for COVID-19 relief, producing nutrient-rich powders from excess produce. This food will be converted into highly nutritious food for pets and human consumption.

"When we process virgin sources, we still reduce environmental impact given our systems are lower energy as well as take less time than other main solutions in the industry. The point is, our purpose as a company is and has always been to deploy nutrition to humanity and one of the key pillars in cracking the code for delivering more nutrition per dollar is to utilize as much food waste as possible to bring down costs," stated Co-CEO of Treasure8.