Winter Storm Causes T-Mobile Outages in Texas and Parts of US

Winter Storm Causes T-Mobile Outages in Texas and Parts of US
The Siliconreview
16 Febuary, 2021

Severe weather conditions have hit the services of T-Mobile in multiple regions of the US. The snow and ice conditions haveled to loss of power in some areas too. Texas and some other parts of the country havefaced issues with the carrier’s network.

The Downdetector had detected over 1,000 outage reports yesterday."We're experiencing network issues following severe weather in several areas of the country and especially across Texas," tweeted Neville Ray, T-Mobile's president of technology. "Our teams are working hard to restore service."

In its press release, T-Mobile confirmed that it was currently experiencing network impacts in Austin, San Antonio, and Rio Grande Valley areas of Texas and also parts of Oregon. The carrier has recommended its customers to try Wi-Fi calling if they have broadband and power but no mobile service. Further, T-Mobile has asked its customers to keep their calls to a minimum and as short as possible if their mobile service is working to reduce the load on its network. The telecom giant has suggested its customers to opt for a text instead of making a call.

The company has further said that its physical stores may remain closed over the coming days. Verizon’s network is doing well despite the storms and its network has done better.