Accenture acquires consulting firm Fable+ to enhance team performance

Accenture acquires consulting firm Fable+ to enhance team performance
The Siliconreview
11 March, 2021

Accenture plc, an Irish multinational company selling consulting and processing services, has acquired Fable+, a Mannheim-based consulting company focused on business agility and analytics. Fable+ mainly develops a proprietary cloud-based app to measure psychological safety and team performance. Fable+ helps its customers quantify vital cultural factors that drive performance across different organization levels.

Accenture has stated that around 50 plus Fable+ employees will be a part of Accenture's Talent and Organization Human Potential team. Accenture, in recent times, has been expanding its organization through multiple acquisitions. Since 2019, Accenture has made more than 60 acquisitions. The deals primarily involve digital transformation, cybersecurity, MSSP buyouts, and cybersecurity sectors. It will empower the clients with its technology-driven ideas and strategies.

Accenture also added that it is seeing an increased demand for agile transformation and training-centered human interaction. At the same time, Fable+ is a pioneer in using AI, cloud, and analytics-driven technology to improve and understand workplace culture and team performance. This acquisition will help Accenture to scale and grow innovative services for its clients. It will allow its customers to build effective working environments to address their challenges.