SolarWinds hack: Big Corps are divided over how companies store data

SolarWinds hack: Big Corps are divided over how companies store data
The Siliconreview
01 March, 2021

SolarWinds Hack, one of the biggest hacks ever, has compromised various enterprises and networks of the US government. This has fueled a debate among many large corporations over the requirement of certain safety guidelines to protect the critical data of customers. Tech giant Microsoft is urging its clients to be more reliable on cloud-computing systems. However, IBM is insistent on using a more mixed approach towards storing data that is, making use of both conventional methods and cloud to store data in a place called hybrid-cloud. From the last two months, industry leaders and governments have been trying to identify the mystery behind the incident that is causing big corps to reevaluate their stance on network-security.

The investigators are certain that the hackers gained access to SolarWinds Corp through the company’s networking and other modes of attack. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, stated that cloud migration is very important in improving security maturity across various organizations. It must be noted that every company that got attack had an on-premise system. Microsoft, one of the largest cloud vendors, has stated that cloud services give customers more robust data protection, and a mixed approach might create uncertainties via an on-premise environment.