STORAGE cloud native storage will now support IBM Public cloud cloud native storage will now support IBM Public cloud
The Siliconreview
15 March, 2021, a cloud software platform for automating deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of enterprise applications on Kubernetes, is now all set to provide storage and data management software for containerized apps through IBM's new public cloud. Robin CNS integrates with the latest IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services (IKS) to deploy and manage containers in the cloud system. This service is already available for AWS, VMware Cloud Foundation, and Azure.

In a recent press conference, Robin's CEO, Partha Seetala, has stated that this new storage system will support IBM customers that primarily rely on IBM Cloud Kubernetes services. With the integration with Robin Cloud-Native storage, customers can use the system with all important cloud environments and storage platforms. The platform also offers enriched and stable data protection to all the onboard work reports and makes end-users work easy.

IBM has also said that the Robin CNS is designed to make storage easy to deploy. It will manage Stateful applications on IKS, which will enable the users to easily onboard workloads in various storage platforms like MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Cassandra, and more. With this move by both the firm's storage and data protection, Kubernetes environment will become a feature rather than a product to help the users give a product-focused storage platform.