UK Government to reward its people who maintain a healthy lifestyle

UK Government to reward its people who maintain a healthy lifestyle
The Siliconreview
08 March, 2021

The United Kingdom government has stated that it will make the people of their country healthier by giving financial rewards to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The government has decided to help people cut down their calorie intake and maintain a good diet. It is said that the UK government will invest over £70 million in weight management courses for overweight people. The government is also planning to introduce new weight loss programs.

According to research published in British Medical Journal, it was found that 26 percent population of Singapore had taken part in a government-backed scheme. The people would get health points, and the government and gave them rewards. According to a Guardian report, two-thirds of adults in the UK are overweight. Therefore, the UK government is also following the same method to keep its people and their lifestyles healthy.

NHS and local councils in England will be given a fund of £70 million by the UK government to pay for 700,000 overweight people, who can go for weight management courses offered by the government. The government will also provide new initiatives where people are doing physical activity like cycling, running, cardio, swimming, etc., get cash payments. The health officials also check their progress using wearable devices.