AI-generated map of Dark Matter shows links between galaxies

AI-generated map of Dark Matter shows links between galaxies
The Siliconreview
01 June, 2021

Dark Matter is one of the most intriguing things in space. It cannot be felt or observed directly, and even it does not interact with light. Dark Matter can only be observed through the gravitational effect it has on Matter in space. It is believed that Dark Matter performs a vital function for the universe. Recently released Artificial Intelligence (AI) map of Dark Matter shows 'bridges' made up of Dark Matter that are connecting the galaxies.

The researchers from the American Astronomical Society have made this map. The map primarily focuses on the local universe, the neighborhood that surrounds Milky Way galaxy. The scientists trained a machine-learning program on simulations of visible and dark Matter by the name of Illustris-TNG, which was used for this study. After the machine learning and testing phase, the scientists applied this to real-world data.

The map showed many new features like Dark Matter filaments that connect the Milky Way galaxy to other galaxies in the surroundings. Such connections were also seen between other galaxies that are present around the Milky Way. The research data was published in Astrophysical Journal.