The Big Blue has acquired Bluetab to expand its hybrid cloud services

The Big Blue has acquired Bluetab to expand its hybrid cloud services
The Siliconreview
15 July, 2021

Just a week after acquiring BoxBat, tech giant IBM has made an announcement that it has acquired Bluetab to expand its portfolio in analytics, data, and cloud services. With Bluetab, the company is looking forward to advancing its AI and hybrid cloud strategy in Latin America, Europe, and North America. It is a well-known fact that organizations have now turned towards the cloud for better flexibility as they want to progress ahead of others in digital transformation. IDG, in its report, has stated that companies have expanded their average cloud budget from $1.62 million to $2.2 million today. Even though the global market is recovering slowly from the covid wave, the data services segment has continued to grow both in size and revenue.

Gartner has predicted that data services will reach a whopping $232 billion in value in the next five years. Bluetab is an enterprise software provider with offices in Spain, the U.K., and Mexico. The company specializes in offering products for hybrid multi-cloud platforms. José Luis López, Co-Founder of Bluetab, has stated that they managed to solve the data challenges of their clients with an extremely talented and experienced team.  He further more added that he is excited about the latest acquisition and is looking forward to work with IBM.