Black & Veatch is joining hands with Big Blue to work on AI-driven solutions

Black & Veatch is joining hands with Big Blue to work on AI-driven solutions
The Siliconreview
04 August, 2021

Black & Veatch, an engineering and construction company from Kansas, has recently made an announcement that it is partnering with the Big Blue IBM to market APM solutions. This also includes remote monitoring techs that make use of real-time data analytics with AI to help consumers maintain their assets and equipment. By using the marketed solutions, customers can keep their assets at peak performance and reliability. The main motto of the recent collaboration is to combine IBM’s Maximo App Suite with Black & Veatch’s AMS services. These solutions are expected to help organizations support more demanding operations for energy, utilities, and industrial assets.

Black & Veatch is well-known for its four diagnostics and monitoring centers used for real-time analysis and detection of upcoming issues by running many scenarios and models to accurately predict the changes in asset performance. IBM application’s Monitor, Predict, Assist, Visual, and Health inspection capabilities will combine with Black & Veatch’s diagnostics and monitoring capabilities to bring them on to a field where the gathered insights can be applied. Dave Brill, Black & Veatch’s VP of Asset Management Services, has stated that digital twins are an integral part of the industrial segment’s digital future. This is mainly because they can provide a brief understanding of complex assets.