Tekpon – the platform that will save users and software businesses money and time

Tekpon – the platform that will save users and software businesses money and time
The Siliconreview
13 September, 2021

Change and adaptability are two essential elements that define the world nowadays. That's why both people and businesses need to adapt to change or change to adapt. Even in the tech industry, companies need to adapt to the changes nowadays and find great solutions based on what society is living nowadays. Now, Tekpon is a tech aggregator that brings together both software users and companies developing the products on the same platform.

The idea started in the middle of a global pandemic when each one's life has completely changed and became more digital than before. The main idea of the Tekpon project is to help SaaS and Software businesses get closer to their wanted customers. At the same time, users need objective guidance in purchasing the right software subscription that can improve their work or life.

The team started from a genuine desire to help others. Tekpon wants to help businesses evolve and get closer to their consumers and ease people's work, now more than ever, as work from home is becoming a fact. But also, they want to change how people buy and consume software products.

The software industry is developing continuously and is becoming more and more competitive. However, if you discover the key to the buyer's intentions, you can bring so much value with the right choices. The team behind Tekpon aims to build the most relevant software marketplace where people can find accurate information about technology and software products. Tekpon starts its journey in the tech world, aiming to offer people only honest reviews about each tool.

Objective reviews are essential in helping users decide which product fits their needs or what subscription they should purchase by eliminating the software waste. Starting from this, and because some tools don't offer free versions that users can't try without paying, they understood why software reviews would be vital for such users. People need accurate information before spending money on products, and this kind of documentation can influence their decision. It is about the importance of being honest in reviews and saving users' time.

The main goal of Tekpon is to give something valuable to software consumers and help them realize the real impact of software products and technology in their lives. So people don't be to be afraid of technology, nor embrace it. Just accept the changes and take advantage of what it can offer to use, which is more time for us.

Moreover, we want people to be more aware of the importance of honest reviews and how this industry can't evolve if they don't want to be part of this.

Tekpon is building every day a complete experience for software consumers. Their journey begins with objective and accurate reviews on their favorite product, continues with the best deals to save more money, and finally, they will be up to date with the latest tech trends on our blog. If the SaaS and Software companies get listed on our website, they will have a powerful partner in Tekpon. Tekpon is more than a software review website. It is a powerful instrument for guiding people in improving their lives.

Following Tekpon won't cost you a cent, but not buying the right software subscription can cost businesses and users lots of money.