The transplant revolution in U...


The transplant revolution in Uganda brings hope to thousands

transplant revolution
The Silicon Review
21 September, 2022

The parliament of Uganda is scrutinizing a proposed law that would enable organ transplants to happen in the country for the first time, which will transform the lives of thousands hoping for operations.

Currently, Turkey and India are the most popular destinations for Ugandan kidney patients. Only close relatives are allowed to be donors and the trips have to be approved by the Uganda Medical Board. This rule is made to prevent people from being coerced to offer their organs and organ trafficking. But if parliament approves the proposal the process will be more straightforward and the cost of recovery care and surgery could come down to about $8,000 which is much lesser than now.

The proposal in the parliament includes the establishment of specialized transplant centers around the country and the creation of a national waiting list of organ recipients. At the main national hospital in Mulago, Kampala an operating theatre has already been set up. For those who want to donate, organ banks will be established.

Mostly in caring for kidney transplantations, about 100 Ugandan health workers, including nurses, surgeons, and post-surgery specialists have already been trained abroad. This proposal brought in new hopes for the patients but there will still be the need to raise money and a waiting list.