Google releases new policy age...


Google releases new policy agenda for responsible AI progress

Google new policy agenda
The Silicon Review
19 May, 2023

Google has released a white paper outlining its AI policy objectives.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing across industries. There is no part of human life that has been unaffected by the recent growth of AI technologies. As AI progressed, technology executives scrambled to incorporate the best of AI into their products and services. In the midst of the continuing AI arms race, Google has released a white paper outlining its AI policy objectives.

The policy paper comes just days after Google I/O, where CEO Sundar Pichai showed the company's AI-powered services as well as its broad vision for incorporating AI technologies throughout its products and services. According to Google, advances in AI models are not only enabling people to engage with information in new ways, but are also allowing them to break new scientific and technological ground.

According to the Alphabet Inc.-owned business, demands for a moratorium risk missing out on the 'substantial' benefits of AI and falling behind others that embrace its promise. Instead, the corporation is concentrating on broad-based collaborations across governments, businesses, and universities to translate AI advances into widespread advantages while limiting risks.