Wyvern to Boost Capacity of Dr...


Wyvern to Boost Capacity of Dragonette Satellite Constellation through Partnership with Loft Orbital

Dragonette Constellation Partnership
The Silicon Review
07 September, 2023

Loft said it bulk-bought 15 of the same buses in January.

Hyperspectral imagery startup Wyvern has joined Loft Orbital's satellite network, the company has announced. Loft provides third-party customers with satellite capabilities, including bus services, while Wyvern specializes in affordable hyperspectral imagery. CEO Christopher Robson said Wyvern never wanted to build its own satellites, and that the partnership with Loft would be "capital efficient" while allowing the business to offer the "highest quality" hyperspectral data. Wyvern can take advantage of Loft's space infrastructure-as-a-service business model and use its Cockpit satellite operations software while flying with the Longbow bus built by Airbus OneWeb Satellites.

 Loft said it bulk-bought 15 of the same buses in January. This year ordered another 15 in response to "growing demand." The company believes standardized satellite buses are scalable and more responsive to changing needs than bespoke designs. Wyvern plans to use the capacity boost to its Dragonette satellite constellation. Hyperspectral imagery can provide high-resolution, nuanced data on a range of subjects, such as water quality monitoring, detecting illegal or unsustainable activities in oceans and forests, and identifying mineral deposits.