Northell is pleased to launch ...


Northell is pleased to launch its exciting rebranding initiative as RewiSoft

Northell is pleased to launch
The Silicon Review
20 November, 2023

RewiSoft is a software development company specializing in a wide array of customized tech solutions to expand opportunities for businesses and their users. Previously operating under the name Northell, RewiSoft takes immense pride in announcing scale repositioning and rebranding.

Founded in 2019 in Ukraine as a product development and UX/UI design agency, our company has rapidly evolved to meet the growing demands of a global customer base. By 2023, RewiSoft has transitioned to providing end-to-end mobile and web development services. This strategic shift not only reflects our pace in keeping up with the demands of the industry but also signals a deliberate repositioning of the company in line with its current identity, mission, and foundational operating principle. These changes to improve usability and business outcomes are a demonstration of our dedication to improving existing software solutions and creating new ones.

RewiSoft is expanding its customer-centric attitude and offering a wide range of services. Our portfolio now includes comprehensive mobile and web development, advanced UX/UI and product design, product discovery, and more. RewiSoft has offices in Poland, Estonia, the USA, and Ukraine and works with over 100 clients from 46 countries. This transformation marks a significant step in our pursuit to provide end-to-end solutions for various clients.

Rebranding the company with strong attributes to drive collaboration

"More than 30% of our clients return to us, and every fifth comes to us on recommendation, but we strive to improve these indicators as well. The company's repositioning and rebranding go beyond surface changes to achieve this. It's about unique value delivery for us and reflects our strategic approaches, identity, mission, and core work principles," says Iryna Isakina, The RewiSoft CMO.

The company carefully chose its strengths and unique selling points, aligning them with the brand throughout client interactions. The aim is to ensure every interaction embodies RewiSoft's commitment to improving software solutions for better usability and business outcomes. 

Iryna added: "I am confident that these changes will not only fortify our bonds with our existing clients but also render us more approachable and comprehensible to those new to our fold."

The company has meticulously selected its core value proposition and distinctive strengths and carefully integrated them into every customer communication. The goal is to improve software solutions and prioritize usability and business results.

In the process of rebranding, the seasoned design team cares about a brand identity that is both memorable and reflective of RewiSoft's essence. The logo creation, characterized by a sleek and minimalist design, strategically employs two figures, symbolizing a robust platform upon which clients can confidently rely. This design cultivates solid relationships and a commitment that forms the bedrock of our assurance in delivering sustainable software solutions. The chosen color palette, consisting of black, white, and violet, imparts an air of precision and formality, with violet as a symbolic hue to underscore our strength and adaptability.

"Aligning our new brand with our evolving business model has been a challenging task, yet our team has consistently delivered remarkable results and remained steadfast in carrying forward the brand's mission – delivering tech products that empower users and businesses worldwide. We believe that our rebranding marks the commencement of an exciting new chapter in our company's journey, signifying innovation and providing our clients with an even more enriching experience. This, in turn, will foster stronger connections and drive our common growth," summarized CEO Vasyl Polych.


RewiSoft is a software development company that offers end-to-end services, empowering businesses and their users with tailored tech solutions.  The company's primary expertise lies in sophisticated mobile app and web product development, with a user-centered strategy to enhance engagement and create fulfilling experiences. With a 4.9-star rating on Clutch and a stellar 5-star reputation on Trustpilot, the RewiSoft team delivers exceptional service excellence, prioritizing agility, and tailored solutions that align with the client's vision.

For more information about RewiSoft and its rebranding, please visit our website at rewisoft.com