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Cloud Adoption Reaches 100%: B...


Cloud Adoption Reaches 100%: Businesses Embrace Flexibility, Agility, and AI

Cloud Adoption Reaches Businesses Embrace
The Silicon Review
20 May, 2024

The research highlights that 33% of respondents view cloud services as a means to flexible IT expenditure

According to the latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), 100% of organizations are now utilizing cloud-based services to enhance their operational needs. This surge is driven by the cloud’s potential to offer greater flexibility in IT spending and increased business agility. The CIF’s new white paper, "Tough Times, but Innovation Springs Internal," outlines these trends and explores the rising significance of artificial intelligence (AI) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Key findings reveal that AWS, Azure, and IBM are the most preferred cloud services, with 57%, 51%, and 51% usage rates, respectively. Google Cloud follows at 39%, Oracle at 28%, and Salesforce at 18%. The research highlights that 33% of respondents view cloud services as a means to flexible IT expenditure, while 32% value their agility benefits.

AI's importance is underscored, with 96% of organizations acknowledging its relevance in the next five years, up from 86% in 2023. Moreover, 42% of respondents prioritize AI in their IT projects, surpassing concerns like security and sustainability. Generative AI is already in use in 62% of businesses, and 94% plan to adopt it. ESG initiatives also remain crucial, with 40% emphasizing IT sustainability. Notably, 78% aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 and 87% by 2050. David Terrar, CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum, stated, “Cloud services are now ubiquitous, allowing businesses to leverage AI and navigate economic challenges with confidence. Despite economic constraints, sustainability efforts are not waning, demonstrating a continued commitment to greener practices.”