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12Twenty: Turning the Student Hiring Process on its Head

“(Students) have what I like to tell them is going to be the easiest negotiation of their entire lives because they have such perfect information,” – Emily Taylor, Director of MBA Career Education & Communication at UCLA Anderson.

Ever since the UCLA Anderson School of Management started using 12Twenty’s employment analytics platform, students’ salaries have gone up 7 percent a year. 12Twenty now collects data for more than 200 programs across 75 universities around the world.
12Twenty’s success comes from its simplicity. Students match with employers using targeted search attributes like experience, industry and geography. Career centers have up-to-the-minute details on recruiting status and job offers and can quickly target the students that need their help. To drive the reporting of student employment data, 12Twenty provides students with a smart-survey that requires just 3-minutes to fill out. The dating app-like process gets results: UCLA’s MBA students had a 90 percent response rate using its old job survey compared with over 99 percent using 12Twenty.
Empowering Students with Data
Rob Gibson, a first year MBA candidate at Anderson recently prepared for a job interview by reviewing the questions an employer asked his classmates during the previous schoolyear. Gibson had access to the interview questions (along with dozens of other job-related stats) using 12Twenty’s “Interview Question Database.”
12Twenty also gives “real-time”analytics – as soon as a student enters his information into the database, it becomes accessible to the whole community.
“When I entered my information into the 12Twenty database it just felt good to know that I was contributing to something that was going to help out my fellow classmates and that I was going to benefit from their inputting of their information onto the platform,” said Gibson.
For career services professionals, providing students with the necessary guidance, tools and access to information they need to succeed in the career search process is crucial. The 12Twenty system is the first of its kind to provide students with a platform to make this possible.“Students can log in and get this comprehensive look at base salary and possible bonus and relocation and stock. They have what I like to tell them is going to be the easiest negotiation of their entire lives because they have such perfect information,” said Emily Taylor, Director of MBA Career Education & Communication at Anderson.
Closing the Gender Pay Gap
Taylor thinks 12Twenty is especially empowering for women. “I’ve noticed the gender disparity between compensation packages is diminished because women can now go (to an interview) and they know exactly what their peers are getting and they can now demand that on the market,” said Taylor.
12Twenty’s data is critical now that President Obama moved to require companies to report to the federal government what they pay employees by race, gender and ethnicity – part of his push to crack down on firms that pay women less for doing
the same work as men.
“Many companies actually reach out to us to get data on what is a fair compensation. We’re able to pull out that data more effectively and provide that info in a much easier and much more specific way,” said Phil Han, Director of Recruiting Operations at UCLA Anderson.
More Benefits for School Career Centers
Besides the obvious benefit of matching students to better, higher-paying jobs, 12Twenty streamlines the work of school administrators. Career services historically collected and maintained data in Excel spreadsheets, which was a very time-consuming process. 12Twenty software creates a variety of up-to-date, cloud-based reports with just one click.
Administrators using 12Twenty saythey now have more time to focus on higher value activities like student advising and employer outreach. First year MBA Candidate, Matthew Becker agreed:
When you come to business school you’re over whelmed with so manydifferent things you need to be doing and you’re limited in the amount of time you have with your career center. If you can get access to the information that’s readily available on 12Twenty, you can spend your time with your career advisor actually talking about things that really matter. Hire an expert research paper writer.
Growth and the Future
Based in Santa Monica, California, 12Twenty has about 35 employees.Its customers include more than 50 of the top 100 universities, more than half of the top 25 MBA programs and 6 of the top 25 law schools. Some of its key clientele are Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, NYU, Cornell, Berkeley, Dartmouth, and UCLA. 12Twenty expects its next major area for growthwill be building out a platform for alumni.
UCLA’s Emily Taylor is a strong proponent of 12Twenty: “If you’re trying to take your career education for your MBA students to the next level then 12Twenty is an absolute must. It’s going to teach your students how to harness all of the data analytics that they know they need to be savvy with to help transform their careers.”
More Clients Speak
I really am grateful you guys are using [12Twenty]. I’m about to head into a potential salary negotiation and this has given me 15 salary data points from last year, specific to my industry of interest, and specific to my relevant experience. Very powerful stuff so thank you for helping make this easy! – John Henry, Notre Dame MBA class of 2015
12Twenty has made it so much easier for our students to research salary information; previously, we didn’t have a good way of compiling and sharing our data in a form that was appropriate and accessible. – Caitlin Crotty, Associate Director, Career Management Center Jesse H. Jones School of Business, Rice University
“We are the first to integrate on-campus recruiting, employer relationship management, and student outcome tracking in a single, streamlined system.” -Kenny Berlin-Kenny Berlin
Meet the Key Executive
Kenny Berlin, CEO & Co-Founder Kenny is the visionary behind 12Twenty’s product and platform strategy. He is passionate about data analytics and transforming big data into meaningful insights to help drive client success. With a strong product background, Kenny understands that driving user engagement is the key and puts a premium on creating an intuitive and streamlined user experience. He has been in the tech space for 10+ years, gaining experience at top tech companies such as, as well as in entrepreneurial environments. Kenny holds a B.S. in engineering from Tufts University, an M.S. in engineering from the University of Texas, and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.