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Gil Ron, 2bcloud CEO and Co-Founder: “2bcloud is much more than a business for me, it is a mission and a journey to build the next generation Cloud Managed Services that empower every tech company to achieve more in their cloud journey.!”


In the digital world we live in, business operations are being carried out quite differently from how it was done in the past several years. Businesses in the modern setup have a broader reach, collection of data, and online presence to provide protection. From a small retail outlet to the largest oil and gas conglomeration, almost every business has a need for proper cloud services. Experts are advising companies to seek the help of cloud managed service providers to successfully manage their services in the cloud. Cloud MSPs will do all the necessary heavy lifting for your company from hosting to full cloud deployment to providing excellent offside backup among other cloud services.

Globally, there are various Cloud MSPs providing excellent services, we believe that 2bcloud stands out from the rest. 2bcloud is a global cloud MSP that specializes in working with Tech companies, including startups, SMBs, ISVs, and Unicorns. The company helps plan, build, and run cloud-based solutions by offering zero-cost consultancy, training, 24/7 tech support, and cloud cost optimization.

In conversation with Gil Ron, CEO and Co-Founder of 2bcloud

 Q. Can you tell us about the journey of your company so far?

2bcloud was started four years ago. We were born to cloud from day one. That means coming from the same ecosystem as our clients, we understand the challenges, and how quickly you need to adapt, move and work in the cloud journey. So being with that in mind, we build a company whose DNA is very similar to our clients’ DNA. We understand that the decision-makers at the end of the day are technical people, and they are interested in assisting with how the cloud can help them scale and grow their business. But at the same time, they want to know that when they’re working with a partner, an MSP like 2bcloud, we understand their mentality and understand the language. It can really help them navigate their way and get to the point where they can trust us and trust their partner. We started about four years ago, having that in mind and been growing amazingly. We continue specializing in our expertise and have our team be at the top of their game since our clients trust us with delivering added values, and support. We always say that it’s your cloud, it’s our passion. Our clients know what they want to achieve and we take our expertise, our passion our knowledge and we help them getting there. So from being around four years, we have had fantastic success all over EMEA. And now we are expanding and investing a lot in our expansion in the US. We already have few customers all over the United States, from Hawaii to New York.

Q. Can you brief us about 2bccloud services?

Sure. So 2bcCloud is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We provide three main pillars of services. So first and foremost is unlimited consultation. We see ourselves as the trusted advisor and partner to our customers. So we’re there to consult, we’re there to help and navigate with no limit when everything comes to DevOps infrastructure and stuff like that. So we provide unlimited consultation around infrastructure and DevOps. Suppose they want to have a new workload on the cloud, if they want to modernize, if they want to troubleshoot something, if they’re thinking about geographic expansion, we are there to help and consult and support them.

We provide technical support for our customers 24/7 follow the sun. We have support teams in Israel, Europe and the US. So that way we’re able to cover the whole 3 shifts. Our basic managed services starts with tier 1 support where you just want to have licenses or subscriptions. We can do that for you and all the way. And we help our customers navigate when it comes to tier 3 in the back end of the cloud and work with our customers as we are part of the company or a very good extension to help them solve issues that really cause downtime and production time. The third pillar, which is extremely relevant, is cost optimization. When working on cloud it’s very easy to overspend and not really see what you’re spending your money on, we call it Bill-Shock, when you get the bill at the end of the month and you are in a state of shock and we know how to prevent it. First and foremost, we provide that visibility to our customers, from reports to dashboards, to really help them understand and get visibility into their cloud environment. By the way, all three pillars we provide to our customers are with no charge while the client re-sells the cloud licenses with us. Again, we our clients look at us as partners for both sprints and marathon. We see their success as our success. So this is why we invest so much effort and so much thought into helping them. The DevOps as a service is actually an optional service. We can help our customers reach a wholesale level that is basically selling together with Microsoft and really harness the benefits of working with this big cloud vendor not only technology-wise but also business-wise. How do you publish your solution on the relevant marketplace? How do you reach that partnership level with the vendor and everything? We also offer that on service and help our customers through that journey.

Q. Any company big or small, they must have a sense of authenticity and originality to succeed. What do you want to be, a leader or a follower?

Of course, a leader. We see ourselves as leaders in our field. Again, from day one, we knew what we wanted to do. We knew that we were only focusing on tech companies. We understand that mentality. We love seeing what’s going on in the ecosystem worldwide and learning from everyone because I believe that you learn by watching others as well and not only by what you are doing yourself. So, of course, we’re watching and learning and watching the trends, but we completely see ourselves as a leader in our field, as a leader when it comes to specializing and working with ISVs and understanding their challenges and understanding their needs. We’re completely a leader there.

Q. Do you have any new services that are ready to be launched?

We are launching 3 packages that include all our services Freemium, Gold & Platinum. On top of this we are launching business development as a service to our customers. We help them go to Microsoft or the marketplace to become an IP cost-ready IC partner. We help them make sure and hold our hand while they’re doing that process, understanding it, navigating it, having their solution on the marketplace, connecting them with the right people within the vendor to really help them also get more business value from the cloud and not only technical value. So this is actually a service that we are launching right now.

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Meet the leader behind the success of 2bcloud

Gil Ron is the CEO and Co-Founder of 2bcloud. He is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the world of management and technology. During his career, Gil Ron has (and continues to) live and breathe technology and development, and truly understand what it takes to design, and develop great products. Gil Ron has accumulated a bank of knowledge and skills that have enabled him to co-found several successful companies, including GRTH (where they worked extensively to advance women in the technology industry).

“Our deep expertise in working with startups & ISV’s means we have mastered the skill of how to help you build cloud environments that take your business to the next level.”