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Sanjay Raghavaraju, Founder and CEO of 33 Holdings, Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘We Aspire to be in the Business of Wealth-Building for our Investors while Democratizing and Tokenizing Real Estate Investments’


“We are in the wealth development business trying to make returns for our investors while ensuring risk is covered.”

The real estate private equity sector has experienced tremendous growth as a result of regulatory and market changes. The realty private equity sector generates returns from the real estate market without the risk of locking funds in one property. They tie up with developers who need funds and buy stakes in their projects. Private equity is a diversified sector since these firms tend to invest in various real estate assets.

33 Holdings is one such private equity real estate firm that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors. It operates around the globe with investments and people in North America and Asia.

33 Holdings was founded in 2012 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

In Conversation with Sanjay Raghavaraju, Founder and CEO of 33 Holdings

Q. When it comes to emotional branding, 33 Holdings sounds highly promising. As a journalist, I find it quite striking. How did you come up with the brand name, and what does it depict?

The number Three has always been significant to me. Trying three times, giving something three shots, etc. When I had a chance to name a company, I wanted it to resonate well with the business we are in. We are in the wealth development business trying to make returns for our investors while ensuring risk is covered and figured what better name than something that revolved around with my favorite number. Since naming this, most everyone would ask me the reasoning behind it. I feel very emotionally connected as I explain more which makes our ‘why’ more compelling to keep going and having fun what we do while exceeding our investors, tenants, partners, stakeholder’s expectations and experience.

Q. Could you describe your typical management style and the type of employee that works well with you?

Our typical management style is a very entrepreneurial, business-focused driven by culture, value and numbers where we focus people’s individual strengths to drive 33’s vision with a mission.

Besides, we are always looking for the right attitude and aptitude while being value and results driven.

Q. 33 Holdings, a private equity real estate firm, operates worldwide with investments and people in North America and Asia. Considering your global reach, how uniquely do you serve your customers and address their pain points?

We are uniquely positioned to serve in North America and Asia, given that our outreach to investors and deals in these respective locale markets is significantly effective.

Being from India and based out of US now, I am well-positioned to understand the strengths of both these countries and utilize them to 33’s vision with a mission.

Q. Your strategy is to invest in value-added and opportunistic real estate investments to return medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-returns to your investors. How do you interpret this further?

Opportunistic deals are usually distressed, foreclosed or auction deals that we buy, rehab, and sell or hold.

Value-add deals are usually where we buy land or lots and then develop and build homes. At 33, we are in the risk management business in real estate which is what our investors trust us for. As we know risk and returns are both sides of the lever, so we position our strategies in opportunistic and value-added deals to provide the appropriate risk and return mix to our investors.

Q. Your motto is ‘Relationships, Creativity, and Returns.’ How do you describe it?

We build meaningful relationships with our investors to create returns by structuring creative deal structures.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

Currently, in 2021, we have ventured mostly into the ‘Build to Rent Single Family Residential’ asset class, given our ownership and operational excellence in this asset class.

Q. About your plans, where do you think your company will be in five years?

We aspire to be in the business of wealth-building for our investors while democratizing and tokenizing real estate investments.

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of 33 Holdings

Sanjay Raghavaraju, Founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of 33 Holdings. He is a seasoned technology executive and investor with a great passion for real estate and technology. His expertise includes sales, capital raising, investor relations, business development, client services, implementation, and delivery.

Mr. Raghavaraju is responsible for the vision and strategy of 33 Holdings and brings in the needed funding and investor relations to grow the company. He has an unparalleled track record of leading teams to greatness through improved synergies, leadership, operational excellence, and relationship building.

“We build meaningful relationships with our investors to create returns by structuring creative deal structures.”