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August Edition 2022

3ev Industries – Providing the Most Efficient and Comprehensive Solutions for Last-Mile “Hyper-Local” Connectivity


There’s been a lot of buzz about the hyper-local marketplace model or on-demand near me delivery model ever since it has been uncovered. The reason behind the hype is pretty clear because the hyper-local delivery model offers both convenience and efficiency at the same time to the seller and the buyer. Since products are delivered to the customers in a comparatively shorter time period, the popularity of the hyper-local marketplace model is increasing at a great speed. This model opens a door of opportunities for small business owners which is a reason why many businesses are adopting this model. The hyper-local marketplace model is a perfect example of how the technical advancements can amalgamate with the age-old favorite shopping methods and come up with a unique formula for success. A hyper-local business is a platform to enable local offline businesses to reach out to their targeted customers ensuring product delivery within a very short time. The service ambit of a hyper-local business could fall anywhere starting from a few meters to a few kilometers from the location of the business.

3ev Industries provides micro-mobility solutions from the ground up. They offer end-to-end solutions in each hyper-local community they serve, including professional services for passengers, small-parcel deliveries, and freight. Their focus is on each local ecosystem that they work in, and they strive to provide the highest quality connections to all members in order to build-up and enhance their communities. The company's strategy is to build a network of community-embedded service clusters that leverage the efficiency of the proprietary electric vehicles with a robust IT platform and scalable business model. The company's commitment is to be a trusted service provider meeting the needs of consumers and businesses at the hyper-local edge of passenger, goods, freight, and value-added e-commerce fulfillment. It ensures product delivery at a great speed that too from the customer’s very local trusted store. It works by providing goods and services to the customers from the offline stores available within the proximity of a few kilometers.

Manufacturing Capabilities

3ev Industries factory is an electric vehicle manufacturing facility commissioned at Doddaballapur, Bangalore (dist.) in the year 2020. The plant currently manufactures various models for both passenger and cargo auto rickshaws. A full-fledged R&D facility and teams are attached to this unit for all product developments. Completely dedicated assembly lines, machinery, other material handling and process equipment's and an in-house paint shop are available for the manufacturing. In-house battery manufacturing and assembling units for LFP batteries are available to ensure the products are meeting the stipulated qualities desired to meet the vehicle performance. The group company RUGGEDSOLAR® designs, develops, and manufactures high-value solar products and systems. They maintain full design & engineering capabilities, including electronics PCBA manufacturing, complete OEM products, and full box making and custom-designed solutions for customers around the world.

Leadership | 3ev Industries

CG Krishna Bhupathi is a co-founder of 3ev Industries. He is renowned in sports, entertainment, and business through his support and involvement with his son, Mahesh Bhupathi, an international celebrity known as India’s first man to win a Grand Slam tennis tournament, and then to achieve the number one ranking worldwide.

Mr. Bhupathi is closely associated with raising the expectations and performance of individuals and organizations to the highest international standards, and he has actively developed globally competitive entities in sports, business, and early childhood education. He began his career in banking more than forty-five years ago at Standard Chartered Bank in India, later working in Oman and Dubai, UAE. Bhupathi has founded several businesses in the sports, entertainment, real estate, education, and renewable energy industries. He is the co-founder of Rugged Solar Products Pvt Ltd serves as Chairman of the Board of 3ev Industries.

Mr. Bhupathi brings his extensive commercial contacts within India to benefit the business development efforts of the company. Mr. Bhupathi has established multiple private-companies from the start-up phase and serves as an advisor to the Management team at 3ev.

Peter Hartmut Voelkner is a co-founder of 3ev Industries. He is responsible for the business operations, strategy, and IT development for this group of companies. Over his career Peter performed in-depth due-diligence on numerous companies and directed significant investments in more than 50 companies. His responsibilities included oversight of funds in excess of USD $2 billion and direct management of discretionary portfolios valued over USD $200 million. He has founded several companies in the renewable energy and power technology space.

Peter received an MBA, with distinction, from Columbia Business School at Columbia University, NY, and he graduated with a BA in Economics and Chinese Studies from Bennington College, VT.

"3eco+ specializes in comprehensive hyper-local connectivity solutions for enterprise customers to ensure efficient and intelligent last-mile fulfillment."