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An Interview with Mark R Sorensen,401(k) Maneuver CEO and Founder: ‘We’re Passionate about Disrupting the Workplace Retirement Plan Industry’


“With 401(k) Maneuver, employees can go about their lives doing what they love with confidence, knowing we’re handling the changes for them.”

Today many people have personalized diet plans, workout routines, and music choices, but their 401(k) investments are not personalized. This does not pass the common-sense test. Especially when, for many, their 401(k) or another type of company retirement account is going to be their largest asset to help them achieve their retirement dreams. Defined pension benefits are less common and are becoming a thing of the past. And, relying solely on ‘Social Security’ for one’s retirement income is generally not going to create the retirement lifestyle we would hope for. Therefore, more than ever, most of America’s employees are now responsible for their own savings and investment to create the nest egg that can sustain a productive retirement.

We’re pleased to present 401(k) Maneuver — a professional account management platform in light of the preceding. Its objective is to increase employees’ account performance over time, manage downside risk to minimize losses, and reduce fees hurting their retirement account performance.

401(k) Maneuver is headquartered in Florida.

Mark R Sorensen, 401(k) Maneuver CEO and Founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.image

Realizing most US employees do not receive any professional advice concerning their retirement account, 401(k) Maneuver was created. Fundamentally, the company was formed to fill this tremendous void.

“Whether an employee has a 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP or another type of defined contribution retirement account, I believe the industry has not created the engagement necessary to help employees be better 401(k) investors.”

Most employees in a 401(k) were likely given some documentation and taught how to enroll, but that was about its extent. Professional help to determine their deferral percentage or investment allocations is often unavailable. The industry created default investments called a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) and, in some cases, automatically put the employees’ money in this investment without any determination as to whether it is in the employees’ best interest.

The QDIA is typically referred to as a Target Date, Glidepath, or Lifestyle fund that invests the employees’ money based on their age and expected retirement date. In other words, the employee is just thrown in with their peers without any consideration to personal goals and objectives, or risk tolerance, and more. “We would all agree there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ investment.”

The 401(k) industry also promotes a ‘buy and hold’ strategy and provides little advice on the potential of making changes to your 401(k) investment over time. For some, this might make sense. After all, your retirement account is a long-term account. However, an investment that is good today might not be the best investment at some point in the future. ‘Morningstar’ did a long-term study that showed that of the top 100 mutual funds year after year, on average, only about eight or nine of them remained in the top 100 the very next year.

401(k) Maneuver is designed to change the 401(k) investment landscape for America’s employees. Instead of a ‘buy and hold’ strategy or lumping all employees together with their peers based on age and expected retirement date, 401(k) Maneuver reviews each employee 401(k) account four times a year. Every 90 days, the company reviews the employee account based on the current market and economic trends and the employee’s personal tolerance to risk. Decisions are made about how much exposure to the equity market and which investment style is expected to perform the best over the next 90 days. There is a time to be in large-cap, small-cap, domestic,thesiliconreview-brian-neff-partner-401-k-maneuver-21 international, growth, value, etc. In simple terms, 401(k) Maneuver’s goal is to have the employee’s account invested in what is working and out of what is not.


“Our mission is to improve account performance over time, manage risk when deemed necessary, and reduce the internal investment fees that naturally harm account performance.”

“Though our process can be completely digital from enrollment to advice, we are not a robo-advisor, but real people working on your behalf.”

Individual employees can utilize 401 (k) Maneuver with a defined contribution plan like a 401(k). Companies can also use 401(k) Maneuver and its digital open enrollment process, so all the employees have the opportunity to consider professional account management to help them reach their retirement goals.

“We’re dedicated to America’s employees and their goals of achieving the retirement they dream about. We will help answer many of their questions as our dedicated team is always available. Besides, a complimentary 15-minute consultation call can be scheduled, so all their questions are answered.”

The Leader at the Helm of 401(k) Maneuver

Mark R Sorensen is the CEO and founder of 401(k) Maneuver. He has been in the financial services business for 38 years and is passionate about helping clients achieve the retirement they genuinely deserve./thesiliconreview-matthew-jackson-partner-401-k-maneuver-21

Overview: In a Nutshell

Connect Your Account to our Secure Platform—Once you enroll and take our risk tolerance assessment, it only takes a few minutes to connect your workplace retirement account to our platform. Your account stays right where it is.

Your 401(k) Account is Professionally Managed for You—Within days of connecting your account, we rebalance your account based on your personal risk tolerance, current market conditions, and the menu of investment choices available to you at work.

Your Account is Reviewed Quarterly—Each quarter, or every 90 days, our expert team reviews your 401(k) account for you and sends you an email notification of any changes.

Disclaimer: 401(k) Maneuver is another business name for Royal Fund Management, LLC which is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements.

“Our mission is to improve account performance over time, manage risk when deemed necessary, and reduce the internal investment fees that naturally harm account performance.”